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Hey there, I'm Allessia!

I'm a 30 something wife and mom who is in love with all things social media marketing. After a decade in the digital marketing space and in the midst of a global pandemic, I launched my full-service Social Media Marketing agency, 6 Degrees of Social.


Our goal at 6° is to create impactful business-to-consumer connections, one post at a time.


Like the idea of '6 degrees of separation', we believe an important connection is just a click away; all that is needed is the right tools and team in your court.

That is where 6 Degrees of Social comes in.

6 Degrees of Social is a full service Social Media Agency that specializes in platform management, brand strategy and content creation for small businesses.

We work hard in providing small businesses the tools to digitally thrive.

Most business owners will understand this; there is no such thing as 9-5 - it's 24/7 for entrepreneurs. That is the trade off and it's a reality I wouldn't have any other way.

- Allessia Giovannoni, founder.



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